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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friending Connor

My grandson “friended” me!

Hey, I love socializing. I love gossiping with friends and gabbing on the phone and checking my email to see what’s new. So when I discovered Facebook, I knew what I had to do: charge into the world of social networking.

And when Connor sent me the invitation, I knew that social networking was for me: “Mom said I had to friend you or else you’d kill me.”  I grinned and accepted and wrote on his wall.
That cute little boy whose first pee nearly hit Papa Jim smack in the face was now my Facebook friend!

That darling grandson of mine who only a few years ago was wobbling around on his chubby legs and learning to run and hinting of the jock he would become – now part of my social network.

That youngster who just yesterday – or so it seems -- crashed his bicycle on the hill at our cabin and cried for his mother. 

And now here I am: part of his social network, friended by sweet 13 year old grandson.

I should have realized the future when he sent out a message that said, “Connor’s single.” Malea, a friend he’s known since birth, answered back, “I think we all know that, Connor.” I laughed and poked him:  Glad I didn’t miss a wedding.

Then another message appeared. “Oh, I’m so sexy.” Sexy? He wasn’t sexy when he peed on Jim.

Connor has the hots for … The hots? He doesn’t even have a driver’s permit.

Connor is a fan of “Can this Onion Ring get more fans that Justin Bieber?” And just who is this Justin Bieber?

“School sucks!” I panicked. From a budding soccer player to a high school dropout.

Where’s that sweet little pee-dribbling boy who cried for his mom? And where’s that little toddler chasing the ball and checking us out for approval? 

Gone, I guess, gone the way that social networking takes him.

Maybe I should poke him or maybe check out my other friends, friends who won’t remind me that I’m growing old.

 And so are they.

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